Thursday, May 11, 2006

Call me “Festus”—again!

Starting yesterday my left knee has been quite painful. It bothered my sleep, and today I’m limping about, especially after I’ve been sitting a while. It’s completely mysterious: yes, I ran on Monday, but I felt fine then and on Tuesday. Yesterday, the only athletic thing I did was swim for half an hour, and while that’s certainly athletic, I don’t recall my knee being a particular problem. I don’t remember twisting it or hitting it on anything. Yet here it is, painful in most positions, and with a very tender spot.

This puts at risk three things dear to me right now:
▪ my run this evening;
▪ boot camp on Saturday; and
▪ my season première at Victoria’s Duathlon.

I suspect, though, that I can bike, so I can do that.

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