Friday, May 05, 2006

Not a good day: Wednesday, May 3

I’ve been drafted into a project for the transit property that operates the train to the left (the wonderfully named O Train). I won’t speak about the project, but I had to (or felt I had to) spend the day reading the background material. Did I have to? Could I have left at 5:30, 6:00? Perhaps. But I left at 7:00 p.m., only an hour before sunset, and I did only a single lap of the Port Area loop (Cherry, Commissioners, & Leslie streets & Unwin Avenue). It was probably the “right” amount: walking to Number One Chinese Restaurant my legs felt shaky—which is a good sign!

I also had a forty-minute session with Dr Sarah, who indirectly complimented Alison on how much supplemenss she’d brought to me. And on the way to & from the Source Centre, I had sharp words with a Rogers Cable guy who parked his van right across the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk in a live travel lane on rush-hour Richmond Street. Grrr.


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