Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Andie’s “equipment”

This is my stepgranddaughter, Andie, age 9¾, wearing the cap and goggles that Coach Kelvin bought her at my behest. Andie is very proud of what she calls her “equipment”.

Andie lives with her other grandparents, in Hamilton, Ontario. During her March break this year, Andie was with us.

Andie likes being active, and often cajoles us to go swimming. During the break I had three swimming lessons scheduled, and she came to all three. At first, Kelvin was worried she’d be a distraction, but she wasn’t. She did lengths! She dropped rings to the bottom of the pool and fetched them. She would swim over and under the lane ropes. She liked showing off to me—she is a natural, athletic swimmer—and I’m sure she enjoyed sharing a full-sized community pool with just one other swimmer, me.

This picture was taken by her grandmother, Mona, at either the East York Community Centre (where the three of us went for a final swim at the end of March break) or the John Innes Community Recreation Centre, where I work with Coach Kelvin.


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