Friday, May 05, 2006

A dubious week begins: Monday, May 1

I’m pretty sure I was “scraped too thin” by a virus, but as the week progressed perhaps that changed.

The only “work-out” I did was my commute, about 12 miles both way—and a source of humiliation (see below).

I did allow Alison to poke her fingers and elbows deep into my “stuck” muscles. Remarkably, she tells me some people come to seek the pain of deep-muscle shiatsu therapy. I don’t (at least not yet!), but there’s no question that having it twice a week is leaving me quite loose-feeling.

“Coach Bogie”, as noted above, was a tad contemptuous of my self-babying, and urged me to do my hill repeats Tuesday morning, to aim to do five (the last time, I did three).


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