Saturday, May 06, 2006

Boot camp!

Session 8 is over. Only 3 left.

Actually not a bad day. It’s funny how it’s tolerable to be abused for 110 minutes.

I got something close to objective evidence that I’ve not been feeling well. We did one odd drill where we did striding lunges while hold 10-lb weights to the opposite side of the forward leg. After two “lengths” thus, about 60 m, I was huffing & puffing while my fellow sufferers were sweaty but serene.

A little later we did a “circuit” where one of a pair would do striding lunges & squat jumps while the other peddled a Spinning-type bike “up hill”, standing—ten times around! Although we didn’t adjust the tension, by the 7th or 8th circuit I could barely get the bike going. On one circuit Coach Lindsay had to give my driving foot an assist!

The last drill of a day was what Coach Lindsay called a pancake drill: 30 s of sit-ups followed immediately by 30 s of push-ups. I can actually, kind of, do a push-up! That’ll be the first time ever. Wow.

As “Coach Bogie” said to me in the dressing room, how did I expect to do this boot camp and not get fitter?


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