Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday’s work-outs, July 10/06

Coach Steve wrote: “Run strength 75" total with 6 x 1" hills (if on the treadmill do them at 6-8% grade) (recovery is 2" easy)”.

I biked to and from work (as usual), about 12.7 miles, and had one of my intensely painful shiatsu sessions with Alison.

That evening, I tropped over to the University Settlement Recreation Centre with my AquaJogger buoyancy belt. The pool wasn’t too crowded, mostly with very slow lap-swimmers. There was one quiet Chinese lady slowing doing lengths in the fast lane, so that’s where I went.

There are lot of troubles with pool running. First and foremost is that you’re an obstacle to navigation, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So when the pool began filling up—all the lanes got multiple swimmers, and I couldn’t get out of the way. A brief conversation with the lifeguard, and I was on the street—after only 16 minutes in the pool.


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