Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Coach Bogie asked me to write up a testimonial of our boot camp. Here’s what I wrote:

Despite having run seven marathons and many shorter races, I’ve never worked as hard as I do for two hours every Saturday at Coach Lindsay’s Multisport Boot Camp. The programme has delivered on its promise of improved warm-up techniques, increased flexibility, explosive strength, and critical power, but I find its greatest benefit is the confidence it gives me to face physical failure as a learning experience; not to be afraid to push myself to my limits, and then through them. Coach Lindsay seems to have a sixth sense for what his clients can do without injuring themselves, and pushes us to success. The environment of collective suffering is also good; until
now, I haven't been a “team” person, but the group works well together, and seeing what different people can, and cannot, do, is great for morale.

The boot camp has helped me believe that, at age 52, I have significant athletic achievements, even personal bests, ahead of me.


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