Thursday, November 01, 2007

I made an executive decision not to execute

The last ten days or so have been tough. I’ve felt, well, crappy. I clearly had a cold that was floating around; but the cold seemed to dissipate, I worked out happily, and then I was just, well, crappy again. Since Sunday it seems that all I do is sleep. I, er, “worked from home” yesterday. I did, against the odds, get an important deliverable out the metaphorical door, but I also slept more than three hours, in three separate pieces, during the day. Just coming up stairs seemed to tire me out.

So before dawn Wednesday (yesterday) I made an executive decision: I would not work out the rest of the week. I’d recover, and then work out. Today I was even thinking of skipping the weekend.

But I had two conversations that have changed my mind. The first was with a doctor. He suggested that maybe I hadn’t had enough sleep, and he was right: I don’t sleep well when Mona’s out of town, and perhaps having a beer every night was not a good idea.

The second was with my coach. He said that, ahem, “older” athletes need a lot of sleep. And I generally find talking to Steve is kind of enlivening.

So I’ll still take today off; get a good night’s sleep tonight; and be out there at 7 a.m. for my swim class.

I find I’m looking forward to it. Let’s see how I feel at 5 a.m.!


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