Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring forward!

This morning I struggled awake, with many hypnopompic dreamlets. I glanced at my watch: 6:00. The local Starbucks opens at 6:30, so I thought there was no point in stirring now. (Our coffeemaker is in the shop, so the 800-m-distant Starbucks is our source of coffee now.) At 6:30 I suddenly realized: it’s 7:30!

I hadn’t forgotten about the earlier shift to Daylight Saving Time—I’d made sure my PDA and computer were properly patched. I’d just forgotten to reset my wristwatch!

The Starbucks staff were all clued in—no problems that morning.

Some folks (myself among them) wonder why Daylight Saving Time. My objection has always been the confusion of name and thing, and the multiplication of entities.

Some people have better arguments: Michael Downing wrote a reasonably well received book, Spring Forward, whose subtitle, The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, pretty much summarizes his point.

For this post I even discovered there’s an “organization” (not sure how organized) opposing Daylight Saving Time.



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