Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Splash! (II)

No more drowning for me. A good, solid session of Coach Kelvin’s Triathlete Swim Training this morning in the 50-yd pool at the John Innes Community Recreation Centre in Toronto’s Moss Park neighbourhood. I’m still (by far) the worst of the five triathletes that Coach Kelvin is working with, but my swim technique is really coming along. Oh, 75 or 100 yd of freestyle tires me out, but now I have a freestyle to work on. I can breathe, my breathing-side arm has a nice high elbow, I need to work on my catch, but I know I can … altogether a positive feeling, especially after feeling I’d “lost” my swim a few weeks ago.

During Monday’s private, Kelvin had had me try to use a pullbuoy, the thought being this would be good practice for after my knee surgery. It was comic: I kept rolling over as I fought the pullbuoy. But today, with paddles on my hands, it worked; it was hard, but it worked.

Afterwards, Alison had a lot to work on during my weekly shiatsu treatment: my shoulders, my mid-back, my concrete-like legs.

I’ll tell you a really nice feeling, though: that I have no serious work-outs until tomorrow afternoon! Being a work-out machine is tough!

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