Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cheap music, cheap!

This post is not about triathlon.

I often read Arts & Letters Daily, which is itself a true blog (Web log) of interesting articles around the Web. It sent me to this online article from Gramophone about the Joyce Hatto scandal. The online article had an ad beside it, for Naxos Web Radio. Basically, for 9.95 USD or 9.95 EUR a year—essentially free—you can get a feed of any of seventy-three different channels from Naxos’ huge catalogue of definitive recordings.

It has some funny quirks: with 73 channels, the categorization if quite atomic, so you don’t get what you’d expect from a classical-music radio station, i.e., a Romantic piano concerto followed by an opera selection followed by some baroque music. Each of these has its own channel! But you can jump around as much as you like.

The other quirk is that each channel plays through an entire CD in sequence, so, for instance, you’ll get a bunch of Mozart followed by a bunch of Beethoven, etc.

Anyway, if you like “serious” music, I highly recommend it!

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