Saturday, January 03, 2009

My (triathlon) goals for 2009

We were watching some TV programme and they were going on and on about making, keeping, and breaking New Year’s resolutions. And I realized—not that I was ever much of a New Year’s resolver—that I hadn’t given resolutions a single thought. Because I’d already established some big goals for 2009:

Ironman 70.3 New Orleans, April 5—this is a B or B+ race—the current plan is to combine it with one of our 2½- or 3-week driving vacations
Ironman Canada, August 30—my A race
Ironman Florida, November 7—my B or back-up race

I have no C races planned, though they may arise as the year progresses. I know I’d benefit from some race, and particularly transition, experience.

To get there I have some other goals:

First and foremost is to get my work life under some control. I’m in one of those weird situations where I’m so busy I can’t spend time on getting help. But also, as a certain Tri-Dead told me off list, I need to be tougher-minded about work. It’s hard for me—a kind of weakness—that I don’t like saying No to people. And that doesn’t help when you have to clear aside twenty hours or more a week for training and training-related activities.

Some other contributory goals—or perhaps they're more like working principles:

• (Continue to) learn to suffer.
• Stay focused! (Always!)
• Get to the weight room twice a week at least.
• Improve my technique, in all three disciplines, but especially swimming.
• Lose some weight; it'd be nice to get under 180 lb—but I don't lose too much sleep about it.
• Maintain a positive mental attitude.

And I’d like to focus on the things I posted about on Monday.

Did my two-work-out New Year's Day—both work-outs precisely as Coach Steve listed. But yesterday I worked at home, and somehow being in my home office just made it easy to avoid going to the gym and to the pool, just to work instead. I’m wondering if that’s why when I headed out on my run this morning I crapped out so badly. Oh, well. I don't think the weather is (or more precisely the road surfaces are) going to favour a bike ride outside—not looking forward to 2½ hours at base pace on the trainer, even watching the NFL play-offs. Ah, a test of mental toughness!