Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy anniversary to the Dead Runners!

The Dead Runners Society was founded 17 years ago today! Congratulations!

I’ve been a member, off an on, for almost 14 years now; but there are some charter members still active. If you’re a runner, you should check it out; it’s not to everybody’s taste, but it can be very fun, and I’ve made genuine friends through it.

For triathletes, there’s the even busier Triathletes of the Dead Runners Society, which I’ve been a member of, off and on, for about 8 years.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Omloop Het Volk 2008

The 2008 Omloop Het Volk, a famous Belgian bike race, was yesterday. We were watching the video feed over the Web. But as the exciting conclusion drew near, the news server was overloaded and dropped our feed. It returned just after the finish. I suppose enough people logged out so that we could see the awards ceremony. The winners were Philippe Gilbert, Nick Nuyens, and Thor Hushovd.

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