Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Chicago

Mona & I are staying at the W hotel in downtown Chicago (pictured), a hotel so hip you need a flashlight to find your way around. Arriving about 8 p.m. Eastern Time last night we slipped into the lobby bar for a sandwich & a beer, but they had only 4 kinds of beer, all in bottles, and three of them light(!), so we took our business to the nearby Elephant & Castle, where we had delicious (really) pub food and a pint of beer.

This morning about 5:30 local time I did a 50-minute run that (partly because I got lost!) took me through Grant Park before I got to Lake Shore Drive. I ran north along the lake, and then up the Chicago River to Michigan Avenue, then through the grid to a Starbucks a block from the W.

We spent all day in the RoadMap seminar. It was an interesting and (I hope) useful recharging of our GTD habits. David Allen himself is an energetic 63-year-old, who seems very oddly reserved when he’s not “on”. I do think that getting re-engaged in the GTD process will be good for my Ironman training. One decision I’ve made is to delete my IM Wisconsin countdowns. They make the day-to-day countdown too quotidian.

Before I close, check out this piece about a Spinning-class smackdown; as so often, tip of the hat to the Nancinator.


Blogger ali said...

Ooh, I went to look up the seminar, and it looks really good! I hope you guys have an enjoyable time away with each other.

12:21 a.m.  
Blogger Dan said...

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12:27 a.m.  

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