Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The lies of wide-angle photography

Doesn’t that look nice? That’s the rooftoop pool at my hotel—as shown on its Web site.

I should’ve known better, of course. That gorgeous-looking pool is just over 9 paces long, call it a generous 9 yards. And the adjacent “Fitness center with treadmill, exercycle and free weights” actually lacks an exercycle; it has, instead, two treadmills and an elliptical trainer.

The fitness facilities in his hotel are awful sad for a “four-diamond luxury boutique hotel”. Maybe guests here are content tubboids.

So no swim and no bike today. I’m wondering if my wonky knee could take doing yesterday’s work-out: “Run 60" relatively easy and light, with 3 x 4" at goal race pace (2" RI)” on the streets of downtown Los Angeles after my meeting with the high-up lawyers.


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