Thursday, April 13, 2006

A new title. A new day?

I’ve changed the title of my Web log better to reflect what I’m interested in. To my amazement, the phrase road of iron has a limited presence on the Web; most of them semi-metaphors for railway, and also the title of a 1955 documentary from the National Film Board of Canada, about the building of a railway to Sept-Iles, Quebec—presumably the Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway.

An admittedly cursory search did not reveal anyone using road of iron to describe their training for an Ironman triathlon. Am I training for an Ironman triathlon? Sometimes I think so: Ironman Wisconsin 2007, in 17 months as I write this.

Other times, like this week, I’m not so sure. I briefly considered retitling this blog Hassium 265 or 269 (sources vary!). Hassium (symbol Hs) is the heaviest element in iron’s group in the periodic table of the elements. At 180 lb~82 kg on 70.5 in~179 cm, I’m heavy enough!

On top of all that, I rather liked the sound of road of iron.


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